Another technician came to see me this week

The weather has been warm and humid and we are expecting some pretty high temps in the upcoming weeks. Last week, I had the air conditioner in my home repaired. I didn’t know what was wrong with the system, so I called a repair shop as soon as there were problems. I called the same company that usually handles all of my heating and air conditioner repair needs. They do quality repairs and don’t charge a lot of extra fees. The air conditioner seemed to be working well after the repair person was finished with the job. The next two days I didn’t have any problems at all. Unfortunately, the same issue started to come up a couple of days later. Those issues were still happening this week, so I contacted the heating and air conditioner repair shop again. This time a different technician came to see me. This technician was much older and seemed to be more knowledgeable about the air conditioning system. The guy found a problem that the other technician missed. Since both guys were from the same company, I didn’t have to pay a second fee. The first guy did not have the problem fixed properly, so the second time around I didn’t have to pay any additional fees. My original repair was under a 30-day warranty and that warranty covered all of the additional repairs that were necessary. This repair also comes with another 30 day warranty, just in case there are more problems that neither one of the guys managed to fix the first time.



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