I couldn’t believe how much fur was in the heating vent

I noticed that one of the heating vents was sticking up out of the floor

I just could not believe how much cat fur was stuck down in the heating vent when I went over to my friend Adrian’s house the other day. I told Adrian that I would come over to let her dog out for her, but when I got there, I started to think that I had made a terrible mistake. I don’t do very well in places that have terrible indoor air quality, and the minute I stepped into Adrian’s kitchen, I knew that was exactly what I was walking into! Adrian had to work late on that particular day, and since I was off early, I told her that I would go over there to let the dog out. Usually she does all of that herself, but she just couldn’t get away from the office that day. I felt sorry for her, or at least I found myself feeling sorry for the dog. So I went over to the house and I went inside through the garage. I was not under the impression that Adrian was a terrible housekeeper because her desk at work is always nice and clean. I have ridden in her car before and it’s always nice and clean too. However, that must be where all of her cleaning ends because her house was an absolute disaster. I noticed that one of the heating vents was sticking up out of the floor. When I went to dry and push it back down into the floor so it would be level, it would not close. At first I thought that it was broken or warped, but then I realized that the reason the air vent cover wouldn’t go down was because it was jam packed full of cat fur!
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