My grandpa taught me about heating and cooling

Back when I was a kid, my grandpa used to teach me about heating and cooling whenever he was working on something at his house.

I was over there at his house all the time during the summer, so usually I ended up working on the air conditioning system with him. Whenever something would go wrong with the air conditioning system in his house, he would grab his toolbox and he would take me down to the basement to tinker around with the air conditioning unit until he got it up and running again. I always loved it whenever my grandpa would let me help him fix anything. It really made me feel important, and it made me feel like I was older than I actually was. My grandpa always took pride in everything around his home, and he also took pride in teaching me how to fix things. I think that he was really proud of me, and now that he is gone, those memories always make me happy. I don’t know a lot of women out there who know how to fix their heating or cooling systems themselves. However, I have saved so much money over the years in my home because I know how to fix my furnace and I know how to do maintenance work on my air conditioning system myself. It’s all thanks to the fact that my grandpa taught me all of those things back when I was a kid. I am always really thankful for him, but I’m especially thankful whenever I fix something on my HVAC system myself.

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