My son Jason wanted to be an HVAC technician

Back when he was a little boy, my son Jason always used to pretend that he wanted to be an HVAC technician.

It was always really cute to see him with his plastic tools around the house, pretending to work on the HVAC system and the air vent covers.

We used to take a lot of pictures and videos of him working on the HVAC system with his pretend tools and those are some of my favorite pictures. I know that all parents probably think that their kids are the cutest kids on the planet, but Jason really was the cutest little boy ever whenever he was pretending to be a tiny little HVAC technician. Whenever he grew up, Jason ended up deciding to go to the local technical school so that he could get his heating and cooling certification. He did really well in all of his classes and he earned his HVAC certification with no problem at all. I can’t say that any of us were surprised whenever he told us that he was going to become a heating and cooling technician. Whenever he got finished with school, he had several different job offers at different HVAC companies here and there around town. He finally decided to go and work for one of the local commercial HVAC companies and now he really loves his job. I am really happy about the fact that he loves his job and that he’s doing so well. I think that the fact that he used to play at being an HVAC technician when he was a kid really helped him with his decision to be a commercial HVAC technician as an adult.



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