The furnace was always way too hot

The furnace was always way too hot for my liking back when I was in high school.

  • They always had the furnace blasting during the winters and it was way too hot inside the classrooms all the time.

I don’t understand why in the world they thought that it was a good idea to blast the heating system so much in a building full of teenagers! We were already annoyed and stressed out enough as it was. With the heating going full blast all the time on top of everything else, it was just too much to deal with. I remember trying to stay awake after lunch in my geology class and it was next to impossible because my desk was right next to the heating vent. The janitor at the school was the person who was supposedly in charge of setting the thermostat in all of the different buildings. For the life of me, though, I can’t figure out why in the world they would have put that guy in charge of the thermostat settings. He seemed to be a pretty dumb guy to me, especially when it came to temperature settings for a bunch of teenage kids! He just didn’t know what he was doing. I feel like school would have been a lot better back then if we all could just feel more comfortable in the building. Even though the building was really old even back then, the furnace was still in really good shape! The furnace system worked better than anything else in the building did!


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