The penguins were just fine without heating

The penguins were just fine without the heating system when it broke down at the zoo the other day.

I was worried about all of the animals at the zoo when we got there because the weather was really cold that day.

I don’t usually go places when the weather is super cold outside, but I wanted to take the kids to the zoo while I was still off of work. So I told everyone to bundle up and we all loaded up in the car and we went to the zoo. We are lucky because our zoo is only about 45 minutes away from where we live. I had the heating system in the van on full blast all the way to the zoo because the temperature that day was a frigid 22 degrees. They have a lot of indoor areas at the zoo that are well heated and several places that I think are just about too hot most of the time. The rainforest area, for instance, is always super warm inside and I hate going in there! It feels as if you are walking right into a furnace or something the minute that you pull open the door. I guess that only makes sense, though, since rainforests are nothing if not warm and moist. Anyway, while we were visiting at the zoo, they ended up having an HVAC emergency. We noticed that the heating system inside of several of the buildings weren’t working and we kept getting colder and colder! Then a couple of commercial HVAC technicians went running past us toward the penguin enclosure. However, the penguins were totally fine without a heating system!

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