The temperature is too hot on the top floor

Ever since I moved up to the top floor of our office building, I have been hot and sweaty.

I know that sounds like I am being a little overly dramatic, but I can assure you that it is the truth.

For some reason, the temperature on the top floor is always way too hot for me. I think that there is something wrong with the commercial heating and cooling system that they have on the top floor of the building. Of course, I don’t really know anything about HVAC systems at all. I still feel like they should do something about the issues that we are having up on the top floor of our office, though. I know that they have a guy who specializes in building maintenance working here at the office. I see him around the building from time to time, changing light bulbs and fixing broken floor tiles and things like that. I think that he is probably the one who is supposed to work on the heating, cooling, and ventilation system in the building too. Maybe the problem is just too much for him to fix, though. It might be something that needs to be handled by a professional heating and cooling company. I think that’s actually what needs to happen, but nobody at work is asking me for my opinion. I just don’t think that they are ever going to be able to get the HVAC system working correctly upstairs if they don’t hire a professional commercial HVAC technician to come and do the work on it.

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