The young ones blocked all of the air filters

The young ones have blocked off all of the air filters that my friend and I have had in our new home lately.

They are just getting silly with all of the unhealthy cooking that they are doing lately; I don’t suppose why they are so interested in cooking lately although I am sure that it’s because they have been enjoying all of the cooking shows on cable TV.

They take turns deciding what to cook as well as then they will mess up the entire dining room for the afternoon playing as if they are on a cooking show. I prefer the fact that they are having adventures as well as reading all types of new things, although I don’t entirely prefer the fact that they are ruining the air quality in my home all the time. There is so much smoke as well as oil as well as fumes in my home now that I have a taxing time breathing occasionally. I always tell the young ones to open the dining room window as well as the back door whenever they are cooking, however the grease as well as smoke always seems to permeate everything in the house. I keep telling the youngsters that I’m going to have to spend a luck on air fresheners as well as room sprays because of these kids, however they just keep on cooking. I don’t entirely want to discourage them from learning to cook as well as reading things prefer that, although I also don’t want to mess up our new home all the time, either! I suppose that I’m going to have to start buying higher quality air filters such as HEPA brand air filters. Either that, or I’m going to have to install a whole condo sized media air cleaner.

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