We get fantastic results with our ductless heat pumps

I couldn’t afford to run new ductwork.

When you buy a much older home, it comes with surprises; then even though I had what I thought was a thorough house inspection, the heating plus cooling situation caught myself and others off guard. I also knew that the central air conditioner of this home would have to be updated. So I factored that into my thinking plus budgeting. I was so ready to get out of an apartment with terrible quality heating plus air, that I was willing to buy an older starter home. But again, I thought with due diligence, I’d be prepared to prioritize the things that I wanted to service about my house. I felt rather fortunate that the central air conditioner at least worked better than what I had left behind in my seasoned apartment. So I planned to deal with the current heating plus cooling device for a year or more plus start with a kitchen plus flooring update first. I got all that work done plus I was super pleased with the results. Thanks to some friends pitching in, I came in under budget on the first phase of renovations. Then, I called the heating, ventilation, plus A/C contractor to get started on replacing the residential heating, ventilation, plus A/C equipment. The central heating, ventilation, plus A/C business came out to inspect plus help myself and others chose the new heating plus cooling equipment. That’s when the heating, ventilation, plus A/C professional recommended to myself and others that the ductwork was shot too. I couldn’t afford to run new ductwork. Luckily, there was another way to get the quality heating plus air that I wanted. And that was by having ductless heat pumps installed. I’m almost blissful that the ductwork was useless because I love this ductless multi break system.

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