I got sweets from the shop owner

The owner of the candy shop is absolutely sweet on me; Last time I went to help with a commercial heating repair, she offered me some candy.

She struck up a conversation with me plus wanted to know exactly what my preferred type of sweets were.

I told the lady that I entirely enjoyed cupcakes plus cookies, but my preferred type of candy was absolutely gummies, but the next time I had to go to the candy shop to maintenance the commercial heating system, she surprised me with a sizable tub of assorted gummies. They were arranged in a entirely cute way so that each one had their own space. The sentiment was entirely sweet plus nice. When I went back to the candy shop this week to install the new heating equipment, I decided to ask the owner of the candy shop out for a date, then usually it is not something that I would do, because problems can occur when you date customers. I felt like it was worth the risk. I have been single for 5 years, but the owner of the candy shop entirely melted my heart with the gummy assortment. She was entirely thrilled when I asked her out to lunch plus my nice friend and I have plans for Thursday evening. I have not said anything to the owner of the commercial heating supplier where I work. I am going to see how the date goes plus if something nice or terrible happens I can upgrade the boss. Maybe she will make us sign a care about contract if my nice friend and I date exclusively. I heard that can happen in some sites.


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