Do you prefer the heat pump over the evaporative cooler?

I can still remember those hot, humid Summers at my Grandparents farm.

My mom raised us by herself plus she often worked 2 or more tasks to handle it.

So while she was inside the commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning of her workplace, my brother and I were with our Grandparents during the daytime. It was absolutely awesome as they lived way out in the country. There was a lake for swimming, woods to explore, plus all sorts of stuff for a young lad to get into. My sister stayed pretty close to my Gramma. But I was out of the cooling plus into the heat of Summer all day, every day. I loved the cooling method my Grandparents used. It was not the heat pump or any sort of central air conditioner. Grammas had what my pal and I call a swamp cooler. That’s a colloquial term from this region to call an evaporative cooler. This sort of cooling method uses the evaporation process to lessen the temperatures in a home. It’s fairly effective at dropping the temperatures a bit. And around here during the Summers, any relief you can get is good relief when it comes to the heat. However, with a swamp cooler, there is no humidity overflow like with the new Heating plus Air Conditioning technology like a heat pump. A heat pump reduces the indoor humidity levels as part of the air conditioner process. That’s not the case with the evaporative cooler. I can remember that house consistently having a bit of a bleach aroma because my Gramma was consistently fighting the mold plus mildew from all that heat plus humidity. When I reflect back on those days, it makes me all the more grateful to have wonderful central Heating plus Air Conditioning plus a perfect air conditioner.

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