I cannot guess a ductless mini split is so much money

When I first bought a telescope a few years ago, I found a enjoyable one for $200, however then when I got back into using telescopes again in the last month, I was amazed to see forum threads on the internet suggesting I spend $500 on a modern telescope, then i know that inflation has increased the price of everything, however it amazes me to see the disparities.

I believe some hobbies evolve considerably as the technology involved evolves on its own.

This genuinely happened with songs performance equipment over the last 40 years, nowadays you can sync up all of your instruments in a live performance so they’re all playing on the exact same beat. The types of synthesizers that you can purchase under $1,000 in today’s world make the same genre pale in comparison several decades ago. I know that heating and cooling technology has evolved considerably as well, then when I was a kid, if you wanted an cooling system for a small space and didn’t want to buy a central HVAC system, the choices were fairly limited at the time. My parents had a window cooling system in our home when I was growing up. Nowadays you can buy ductless mini split cooling systems for the same size spaces that are effective and efficient, however they cost as much as 10 times or more money as a similarly performing window cooling system with the same BTUs. When you look at the price differences like that, it’s difficult to justify spending the money on the ductless mini split.


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