I'm excited that my heating system and a/c have a 10-year warranty

I like it when products come with warranties right out the gate.

I have the same laptop that I have had for the last 8 years, and it’s because of the warranty. The first one I bought broke within 6 months of use, and the dealer sent me a modern one; And then when I got a modern one I got the extended warranty for that device as well. My recent cell phones have come with absolutely fine warranties too. I can’t complain when the dealer is willing to replace the phone as soon as the screen cracks. However that requires compliance with some of their strict rules including the screen protectors, some of the other types of things that come with warranties that come to mind are heating and cooling equipment such as a/cs and heating systems, then our recent Heating & Air Conditioning system has been warranted and insured for 10 years. The dealer will replace any parts and components that chop within that time frame as long as my pal and I use a licensed and certified heating and cooling dealer to service and maintain the system. Then my pal and I have a separate work warranty contract with the heating and cooling dealer… Basically my pal and I have to pay for a two week times a year service plan to keep a warranty on parts and work for the system. If you do not do this, you have to pay for the work fees whenever a partner component is replaced under warranty. That means there is a separate warranty with the Heating & Air Conditioning manufacturer and another warranty with the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer, then you have to maintain both or you will pay for any detriments done to the heating and cooling system.

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