A tree fell on my HVAC condenser

This year we’ve been having a lot of crazy thunderstorms.

Usually they last for weeks at a time with no break day-to-day, however this is usually isolated to the late summer season.

It makes sense to expect daily thunderstorms without many breaks in the precipitation. However, this last year there were storms throughout the rest of the year beyond just the late summer. I know that my lawn loved all of this extra rain because it was lush and green in a way I haven’t seen in years. My wife has a garden in the backyard and it thrived as well with all of this extra rainfall. But with the rain comes thunderstorms and occasional high winds, especially when we get funnel clouds and tornado warnings. That’s when it gets scary because you worry that something could come and destroy your house in a matter of minutes. Recently a tree fell during a bad thunderstorm and nearly destroyed the side of our house. It missed the house by inches, but instead it destroyed our HVAC condenser unit. I’m happy that the damage was isolated to the HVAC condenser, but at the same time it’s frustrating having to call and get to have a new condenser installed. I was thrilled that it was covered under the warranty for the parts and labor. I just had to wait a week to get the work done because it was the late summer season and that’s when the HVAC company is doing the most air conditioner installation work. That meant a week without air conditioning in my house unfortunately.

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