Ductwork changed our plans

I’m not so sure just how the ductwork got missed. I looked through the reports from the home inspection we had done prior to making closing on this house. I couldn’t find any mention of the ductwork specifically. Clearly, the home inspector wanted us to know that the HVAC equipment needed to be completely replaced. So perhaps, this was his way of including the ductwork when it came to the HVAC equipment. But I sure didn’t read it that way. I figured that we’d just have the HVAC professionals come in and replace the heat pump. I just somehow didn’t figure on replacing the ductwork at all. So we met with the HVAC professionals and spent a couple of hours down at the HVAC company. We went through all the different options when it came to new residential HVAC. We were for sure interested in big time efficiency as well as good quality heating and air in general. We made all the arrangements and the HVAC contractor came out to kick things off with a site inspection. What he found was a ductwork system that was not going to be salvageable at all. And that caught me so by surprise. I trusted the HVAC contractor and indeed, he showed me just why the ductwork wouldn’t work. But the HVAC contractor knew that this was throwing a major wrench into our plans as well as our renovation budget. But thankfully, there was an HVAC equipment option I wasn’t familiar with. The ductless multi split heating and cooling system we went with was a lifesaver. And it gives us everything we wanted without having to replace the ductwork.

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