Old farm house gets residential HVAC

I wasn’t so sure but my wife was set on us moving out of the city.

All I had ever known was living in a very large city.

And I’m talking about living right in the middle of it. I didn’t grow up in the central air conditioning of some house in the suburbs. No sir, I grew up in an apartment building in the city. That came with too much radiant heating in the Winter and not enough air conditioning in the Summer. My wife and I built a life in the city after we met in college. She comes from a rural area where there’s plenty of space and lots of nature. Living in the city was exciting for my wife but she really did miss all that nature. So over the last decade or so, we have been looking for a property outside the city that we could call home. I can essentially work from anywhere that has a wi-fi hook up and so can my wife. Moving out of the city and not going to the zone controlled HVAC of my office each day was no big deal. What was a big deal was renovating the old farmhouse that we ended up buying. I guess that farm had been sort of cut up into lots and sold off. We had the main lot that was 15 acres and came with the old farmhouse. Structurally, the farmhouse was in great shape and we proceeded to modernize it. But since it never had residential HVAC there were no air ducts. With no duct work that meant far too much chaos to have them installed. So we ended up going with a ductless multi-split system and have never looked back.

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