Raising bathroom air quality levels around here

I need to decide if I am going to buy this small drum at the store this week, as I told the guy I would buy it, however spending $130 on a small drum may tap my bank account I feel.

I need to see how much reserves I have in the bank right now plus decide if buying the drum is an enjoyable idea.

It is possible that I could gain some currency from playing this drum in the streets while I practice, however I want to make sure I have enough currency in the bank first. More ductwork cleaning could bring me more currency, however my knees are kind of sore from all of the radiant heated flooring that I have installed over the past year plus I believe they need a bit of a cut for a few months. I already have two drums, two guitars, plus a harmonica, plus I’m not sure I entirely need a third drum right now. I told the local company owner that I would buy it this week though, plus he also provided me with some heating plus air conditioning tech work when I entirely needed the currency last year so I am trying to spend it back by buying that drum. I know I’ll let the universe supply me a sign this week plus go from there. My heating corp neighbor said to buy it, while my other cooling rep told me I have enough rock n roll instruments plus I don’t need another drum. I just want the smaller drum because it is easier to carry with me on my bike plus it isn’t as loud.


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