She was complaining about the noisy heating system

I’m new at the HVAC company so I’m still learning the ropes and trying to master my job.

I’m an admin assistant and my job is to make sure all the calls from customers are answered and I pass along their requirements to the HVAC experts. Before this, I was working for a call center so I have experience dealing with customers and answering multiple calls. In college I enjoyed all studies that had to do with customer service. I know how to deal with people, and can remain quite cool even under pressure. So, it’s natural that I work in a position where I can speak with customers and assure them they’ll get the services they need. I also get to answer questions about costs of different services that they require from the HVAC business. My boss is strict with this and always insists we be honest with the customers. If they want to purchase and install a new HVAC system, we give them the right breakdown. There’s also no hidden charges or costs, so they can know to trust the information that we give on the phone. Last week, I got a call from an older lady. I knew she was older because she took her time to speak on the phone and also was a bit out of breath. She was sweet and complemented my voice before informing me why she called. She was complaining about the noisy heating system in her home, and asked if an HVAC expert would go by her home to do an inspection. We prioritize calls from senior citizens during summer and winter, so an HVAC expert was on the way to her home 10 minutes after we spoke on the phone

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