Stuck buying 2 roofs

I got stuck buying two roofs when I sold my house, but i sold my property in the city and the couple buying wanted a whole bunch of things upgraded.

I put my foot down on brand up-to-date piping and wiring.

I did give them a up-to-date roof though! They pushed and pushed for me to do it. I wanted the sale to go through and I knew a roofing company that would cut me a deal. The buyers should have thought about it hard. If they would have obtained the roof, they could have picked out the colors, materials and made sure it was high quality. Instead, I did everything barebones. I chose a discounted color, cheap material and told the roofers to quickly slap it on. I wanted the lowest priced task ever. That is what you get for making me buy you a roof. The property I was moving inot needed a up-to-date roof as well. I hired the same roofing business. This time instead of doing the work fast and cheap, I wanted it high end. I picked the best of the best for everything… My roof has numerous pitches and arches. I knew it would require more time and work. I was willing to spend the money to get it the best possible. They even matched the shingles perfectly to my backyard patio. I just appreciate the end result. I am a bit salty that I got stuck with two roofing bills though! Roofs are not cheap. I entirely hated buying a roof for a place that I was vacating too.

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