Wanting a new filter but they don't have any

I’ve been really wanting to get a brand new air filter but I’ve been having a big problem lately.

They’re all out of the air filters! Now if I lived in a really large city this wouldn’t be a big issue at all, all I have to do is go to a new heating and AC business, after all.

In the cities there’s tons of heating and cooling businesses everywhere. You have your large heating and AC companies and then you have your smaller heating and AC businesses but it doesn’t really matter who you go to as long as you can get the air filter that you need. However this isn’t an option for me because unfortunately for me I live in a rural area and when you live in a rural area you can have a really hard time getting the air filters, or any heating AC products for that matter that you need. This is just because in the town that I live in we only have one large heating and AC provider and this is the one heating and AC company that I go to all the time to get my air filters. So when they’re out of air filters they’re out of air filters and there really isn’t anything that I can do about it until I get more air filters in but unfortunately according to the heating and AC business they’re having a shortage of air filters so they’re having a hard time even ordering more in. This all started ever since there was a huge sale on HEPA filters and now all the HEPA filters are sold out and once the HEPA the filters are sold out people started buying all the disposable air filters too and so now those are gone.



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