Finally getting around to replacing the air filter

How often should you update your air filters? As a regular heating, ventilation plus A/C system worker this is a question I get fairly frequently.

Well I would say there’s a general amount of time that you should change your air filters, I would say that it depends on the situation as well.

I would say that for most people you should change your air filters out every 3 months, however some people are going to need to change your air filters out way more often than that. I personally know a couple people that change their air filters out every single month. Depending on how clean your condo is and how good the air filter is will determine how often you need to change your air filters. For example if you are just using disposable air filters and your loft gets dirty often that I would change your disposable air filters as often as possible. Probably once a month, however, if you are using a much higher quality air filter that does a better task at catching all kinds of dirt and contagions that are in the air, such as a HEPA filter or UV light filter. Then you can go several months without having to change those out, especially if your loft is relatively clean. With a UV light filter you should check the bulb frequently to make sure it has not burned out. Replacing your air filter is more than just having good indoor air quality, it’s also good to keep your heating, ventilation plus A/C system device in good shape. If your indoor air quality isn’t particularly good, it can also affect your health as well. There are several reasons and benefits to have a good air filter in your home.
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