The rental household needed better air conditioner

I have almost zero complaints about the current locale I am living in, then the current locale I am living in is a rental home, and truthfully it is so charming.

The household looks like it could be a trip home, it is so pretty, i still can’t suppose I am blessed enough to live here, even if it is only a rental. The locale has a pool, a screened in porch, a sunshine room and a immense shed that makes a great storage space. It has everything I need and more. There is only one thing that bothers me slightly about the locale, and that is the air conditioner situation, and so I know the owners don’t take too nice care of their heating, ventilation plus A/C equipment, because despite the locale being charming inside and out, it doesn’t feel super comfortable. I find myself regularly getting up to mess with the temperature control to see if I can get it any cooler or warmer in my home. It constantly seems to be uncomfortable, never warm, but constantly too frigid or too hot. With the owner’s permission, I asked to come and have a heating and air conditioner worker come out and look at the heating, ventilation plus A/C device. I am thinking about making some Heating, Ventilation, and A/C swings to the locale, because this locale is perfect all except for that one tiny flaw. They gave me their blessing, and so I am going to schedule an appointment with the cooling worker and see what I can do.

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