Time to wipe the air con washable filter

So like I said, I’ve been on my own for a year plus a half, living basically like a monk to cleanse my life so I can start over again. I know this Summer things will change for me as I can feel my spirit opening up again after a year hiatus from the world. I live a simple life overseas plus had to get out of the United States because it was just too much of a rodent race for me there. It was just chasing cash all afternoon plus driving in rush hour traffic to exist, so I left. Heating plus cooling system work keeps me tied up over here part time plus I spend a lot of time in quiet contemplation plus the rest of the time playing tunes plus volleyball. I played last night plus am pretty sore today as a result, but I feel better getting some exercise after about ten mornings of being sick with the flu. My HEPA filter saved me in this flat because it kept the indoor air quality absolutely fantastic plus allowed my system time to rest without any dust or pollen bothering it. This week I will take it self-explanatory for the most part except for a short trip to the grocery store to grab some things for the cats plus myself. I am teaching yoga to an Heating plus Air Conditioning rep later this afternoon for 30 minutes plus after that I will hit the beach with my beach chair plus hang out there for the rest of the afternoon. It is nice out plus my climate control system is getting a break.

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