Living the dream with central air conditioning

I always had dreams when I was a little kid.

I’d want to be an astronaut, racecar driver, or even a hockey player.

Those dreams always changed as I aged and I sometimes dress the part for Halloween. I lived out those small dreams as a little kid for the longest time and those were just a few examples. When I hit my teenage years my parents finally got a window air conditioning unit and it felt great but only the living room did. Sleeping at night in my bedroom in the middle of summer didn’t really feel the greatest and there were times I didn’t sleep at all. I remember my first time learning about central air conditioning, I went to my friend Steve’s parent’s house and it felt beautiful. I would spend numerous nights doing sleepovers and from that point on, my dream would be to one day have central air conditioning in my very own home. I bought my first house at the age of 24 and the house I bought didn’t have central air conditioning at the time. Instead of buying new furniture, a TV, you know, other key essentials like silverware, I reached out to the local HVAC company. That day I scheduled an appointment for an HVAC tech to come to my house later that week to have central air conditioning installed. Those first few nights living in the house weren’t too bad though as summer was just starting to kick off. But I knew I needed the comfort to have a great summer. I mean, I love the heat when I’m outside doing things but I want my house to feel nice and cool when I’m there.



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