Partying at the local air conditioning business

Well, today is May 1st in addition to summer time has already begun even if it hasn’t yet been on the calendar.

The temps are overheated again in addition to the beaches being packed, so the next four months are going to be a zoo like they are every summertime season.

I just need to keep my body in one piece in addition to hopefully make it through one more summer time without any major problems. I will split out all sugar because sugar legitimately causes me a lot of pain in the joints if I eat too much of it. I assume the current company was right when she told me a couple years ago about how sugar causes a lot of inflammation in the body. So now I stopped all sugars in addition to it seems to help with the pain, along with not playing volleyball every single day like I did last summer. It is also tough though because the heating in addition to the A/C company is closed today; in addition, I have nothing else to do unless I just stay inside my temperature controlled flat till the sun goes down, a next to impossible feat for me. Maybe I can go out in the heat in addition to just watching people play while I rest under my umbrella in addition to taking it easy. I am supposed to train this heating in addition to A/C tech later even though I guess I may try to push it ahead two more mornings because today is a holiday in addition to a lot of my friends will be on the beach having fun in addition to playing ball. I could also play some real music while they play ball.

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