11am means air con time

I think I have the energy to write one more story before I go and eat my breakfast.

Yesterday I had papaya and kefir and I may do the same thing again because it tasted really good.

I normally eat an apple and kefir but I decided to change it up a bit this time and try something new. Papaya is really good for digestion with the enzymes it contains and the kefir has a good amount of probiotics, so along with all of the vitamins in the food I am also getting some other valuable nutrients. Working as an HVAC expert requires a lot of energy, especially when you are moving heavy HVAC equipment, so having a good filling breakfast is key to being productive all day. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables each day and I also cut out all sugar from my diet to save my teeth and joints. The heating supplier told me the other day that he has to get all of his molars replaced for $20K, so I am trying to be extra good to my teeth so I can avoid that kind of situation. I grind my teeth at night and I wore down my molars quite a bit, but I’ve been wearing a bite plate for years now and I think I saved them just in the nick of time. The local business is going to check out my teeth next week and clean them in the air conditioned office and hopefully that is all I need this time. But I may get them bleached too, let’s see.

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