Working on the gas furnace again

I’m chugging away at the heart of my workday, in the meat of it, and should be done within two more hours.

I will chill for an hour and just relax before I go to the store to shop for food.

I think I will even get motivated and clean my bathroom and office for my guest who arrives in three afternoons. She was the best neighbor of my ex-gf and is coming here for a couple afternoons to visit me and then will head to a dance festival in another town. My friend and I stayed in contact after my Heating and Air Conditioning worker lady and I split up, which would really anger my ex, but we are just friends and like to hang out and chat in my air conditioned flat. I may even go visit her up in Finland for a few weeks this summer, but I am deathly afraid that my ex would see me and implode. She works at this local supplier and a lot of her family lives there and would easily spot me at one point while I am up there. But I can’t be afraid of her or her family, so I will go if I feel so inclined to do so. I like Finland and the natural temperature control of the cool air in the Summer while riding my bike through the thick forests near where I will be staying. It is a genuinely pretty country and if you ever get the chance you should go there for a visit. The air conditioned buses are clean and super quiet, as nobody talks in Finland.