Replacing my moms old Heating and A/C unit (It made noises that scare youngsters to imagine ghosts around

We visited my mom after a long time away, and ever since I got married my mom has not seen our three youngsters. She could face-time and speak to the eldest youngsters but she still lined up to hold them like any Grandma would, unfortunately, due to the illness that restricted her mobility, my mom couldn’t travel as much as she wanted. Flying was out of the picture for her especially because my great friend and I lived three cities away from her in a odd state. My wife and I planned to surprise my mom this time round by going to her household without giving her notice. The look on her face was priceless as she hugged, kissed, and praised us for giving her appealing grandchildren. My buddy and I planned to stay with mom for two weeks as she got to love the corporation of her grandyoungsters. On the third afternoon of our stay here, my great friend and I observed strange sounds coming from the basement. Our two older children were sleeping however my wife and I took turns to take care of the youngest. Ever since my great friend and I visited mom, she had been fussy and my great friend and I assumed that it was an issue of weather conditions change. It was while in this phase that my great friend and I heard strange sounds coming from the basement. At first my great friend and I thought my great friend and I had imagined it however when the sounds intensified at around 2pm, it became a concern. My wife was scared that the home could be haunted and ghosts were roaming around. When afternoon ame, my great friend and I asked my mom what the issue was. She complained of how the boiler downstairs must have been making noise. I called the Heating and A/C specialist to come check out the furnace the next afternoon. It turns out that some of the internal components in the Heating and A/C equipment were cutting down hence the loud banging. On the directive of the Heating and A/C professional, my great friend and I decided to buy mom a current heating and cooling unit. After all, her grandyoungsters will be going to see more often now and my great friend and I wanted them to be comfortable.

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