If your air conditioner isn’t working, there might be a simple solution

When an air conditioner starts doing the exact opposite thing that it is designed to do obviously it will frustrate you a little bit.

An air conditioner is supposed to blow cool air into your home to relieve you from the heat outside that would otherwise cause you to sweat and languish in discomfort.

That’s why, when it starts blowing hot air, you might be tempted to flip your lid. But worry not, for the solution may very well be a simple one that will not cost you very much of your time and money. The very first thing that you want to do, much in the same vein as checking to see if the plug is in the wall so to speak, is to check the status of your thermostat. It may be low on batteries, or the batteries may be entirely depleted. If this is not the case, make sure it’s set to “cool”. Yes, that is actually worth mentioning. You would be surprised. If fresh batteries and setting it to cool isn’t doing the trick, you may need to reset your circuit breaker. Now, ruling out the possibility of the thermostat having an issue, we move on to other possibilities. Have you remembered to change your air filters? You see, what happens when you don’t change those things, is that they get clogged with the dirt that they’re supposed to be filtering. Once their capacity for dirt has been reached, you’re not going to be getting any cool air blowing through, that’s for sure. So, switch them out! If you have exhausted these two possibilities, you’ll probably need to call out an HVAC technician, because something a little more serious is going on.


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