The AC at our church always keeps us cool during summer

I love going to church, and I think this is thanks to my grandma. When I was a kid, I went to live with my grandma. Things were hard for my mom after my dad left, and she was having troubles. So, the state awarded custody to my grandma. I missed my mom, but I knew she needed to get help and get better before we’d be reunited. My grandma did her best to make sure I was a happy kid, I went to school, and also never missed church. She said church was one of the safest places to be, and I knew she was right. I remember one time grandma was behind paying her bills, and the pastor covered all of them. He always made sure we had food, and all necessities when grandma wasn’t feeling well. Anyway, now that I’m an adult and working as a HVAC technician, I still go to church. I moved to a new location where I work for a local HVAC company. My job consists of HVAC services to residential and commercial properties. The church is one of the properties on my work roster. I always make sure the cooling system in the church is running well since we are in the south. The heat in this area is no joke, but thankfully the AC at our church always keeps us cool during summer. When the church needed a new cooling system, the congregants were quick to donate money, and my HVAC company handled the task fast.


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