Animal safety from the cold

I am one of the most soft hearted people you will ever meet when it comes to creatures.

It doesn’t matter the type, with the exception of snakes, but even at that, I will not harm them unless they are poisonous plus in my territory, but at any rate, I try plus make the lives of most creatures, wild or domestic, as comfortable as possible.

Heck, my pal and I even buy sizable bags of cracked corn plus parakeetseed to feed all the wildlife that stop in the yard all winter long, however the weather this winter has been genuinely serious. I let my own dogs out for just a few moments at a time, just long enough to finish their business plus come back into the heated environment. Now, I know I can’t do this for everyone, but, I am trying to suppose of a way for the wild turkeys that come each morning to go into my old chicken coop. I no longer have chickens plus it would be shelter for them. I even have heat lamps out there so they could be moderate during the long cold nights. They could come plus go as they satisfied, have a food source, plus be able to moderate up a bit. I just feel sorry for them resting out in the ice plus snow each morning. My hubby may not appreciate the increase in the electric bill from running heat lamps in the coop all the time plus that is actually my only reason for not doing that, i am ecstatic that my own creatures have a comfortable site to live. They have the benefit of a good Heating plus A/C system plus are not subjected to the environment all morning long.

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