Cool Ocean Breeze

I think the place I am most at peace is at the shore. I know that most people vacation by the ocean for the sun and the sand. They love laying out in the warmth of the sun all day long and getting a great tan. I am the polar opposite. During the heat of the day, I spend my time either in the shade of a palm tree reading or in the house with the air conditioning running. I simply hate being hot. I get up early so that I can sit outside, enjoy my coffee, and take in the view along with the cool ocean breeze that blows. The smell of the air is just heavenly. By late morning the air starts to heat up for the day and I retreat back inside. I spend the day puttering around the house and wait for the sun to begin to set. I may take a ride into town and visit some local shops if they are air conditioned but for the most part I am somewhat of a hermit during the day. Once the sun sets, I take walks on the beach or head back to town to enjoy the nightlife. People who vacation at the beach are so much fun to hang out with and talk to. The area vendors stay late so I can always to see them when it is cool and comfortable out. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to live in such a great place. I am more grateful that I have an awesome HVAC system to keep me comfortable during the hot sunny days. Very rarely do I need to have the heat on. During the winter we have very mild temperatures. I do have a couple of portable heaters that I can use in the event it gets too chilly in the house but that is a rarity for sure.


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