Mountain resort separate from heat

Our anniversary is in September, the hottest time of year.

As I am not a fan of the summer time heat, my pal and I constantly go away in the Fall to celebrate.

Last year, in early September, my pal and I rented a suite at a mountain resort. I was certainly looking forward to this because my pal and I would be arriving while in the time the leaves would be changing plus I knew it would be wonderful; We drove about two hours to get to the resort plus upon arrival I was thrilled, the grounds were good plus the entire property was covered in maple trees that were bursting with color. We inspected in plus headed to our suite. The room was nice plus my pal and I had a gas fireplace that I thought was for decoration more than anything else. It turned out this was not the case, but it was the only source of heat in the room plus the warmth did not reach the lavatory or kitchen. If my pal and I were in the living part it was so hot that my pal and I felt like opening the windows, but, if you had to use the lavatory it was like using an outhouse. This made for a frustrating holiday for sure. When I asked the property director about the heating situation they simply said that the resort was normally closed while in certainly cold weather so they never installed a typical Heating plus Air Conditioning system. They did have wall mounted air conditionings for the summer time months however felt that the fireplaces could take the chill off of the rooms for the short time they my pal and I open in the Fall.
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