Lights out

Last night I got truly nervous when the power kept going off and then coming back on a few minutes later.

The sun had been out all day, there was no sign of incoming storms, and the winds were calm.

I couldn’t guess of anything that would cause the power to be an issue. Nevertheless, this happened multiple times within the span of an hour; Finally, on the fifth time, it went out and stayed out. During the on and off times I had unclogged the computer for fear it would be disfigurementd by power surges. It was then that I realized that my great friend and I had no way to turn off the heating system. I turned the control unit down but the unit itself did not genuinely have an on and off switch that I knew of. It is a fairly current unit and I knew it had a programmable component that allowed wireless diagnostics and distraught that this may be disfigurements too by the power problems. The power reMEd out for the next few hours and when it was finally restored I went right away to check on the status of the heating system. I had my wifey turn on up the control unit once I was in the basement to make sure it came on like it should. Thankfully it did! I then took turns shutting off one breaker at a time to label the electrical panel. Now, in the event of power surges, I can shut the power to anything that I feel will be disfigurementd. Many of the appliances that my great friend and I own this week have some sort of, “brain”, or computerized components. It is pressing to remember this because a abrupt surge in electrical energy can fry those, “brains”, and cost you a lot of money to repair them.

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