Looking for store front

I really want to stop messing around online so much.

I feel like all of my time is spent staring at a PC, plus I’m getting pretty fed up with screens at this point, and you see, when I finish my work for my online employer, after that my great friend and I have to go to work for myself.

I spend endless hours manipulating my website, posting new items for sale, plus managing my social media accounts. It’s a whole other task, on top of genuinely creating these wares. That’s why I really want to take the leap plus get a brick plus mortar retail space for my art. Not only is it important to me where the shop is situated, but I’m also pretty obsessed with the Heating & Air Conditioning plan it has installed. The last thing I would want is to purchase a building with an outdated failing boiler or a faulty air conditioning system. I can’t have my art enduring wild temperature swings. I also will need to work from the store to create my art, so it will be importantly important to have a strong air conditioning system to keep my internal temperature nice plus low. I don’t want my buyers to be uncomfortable either, though, so perhaps I’ll want to get zone controlled heating plus cooling. Then again, if I’m going to invest that much currency, I might as well have radiant heated flooring installed. And actually at that point I will just get the newest smart temperature control to finish off my air control set up. As you can see, I need a lot of start up currency before I can buy my first shop front.

Cooling and heating business