Frequent power outages

I’m fairly satisfied with the neighborhood where I currently live.

It’s much warmer than where I used to reside, which is a huge bonus.

I also cherish that there’s so much outdoor recreation integrated with the city! Finally, perhaps my favorite part is that there are so multiple trees present all around the city. I’m not talking about your normal inner neighborhood trees, which are tiny little posts resting with the support of wires. I mean that the whole neighborhood is set within a forest, plus it’s beautiful to observe. The only trouble with these tall timbers is their ability to knock out the power on a proper basis. All it takes is a limb to snap, plus half the neighborhood falls into darkness. I didn’t realize what a huge concern this was until my great friend and I got a smart temperature control last year. See, whenever the power goes out, our temperature control goes offline plus resets the regular settings. That means our property can sit without any air temperature control for up to 9 hours when we’re both out of the property all afternoon long. When my great friend and I return home, the indoor air condition is ridiculously boiling plus humid. It takes our A/C over 3 hours to bring the temperature back down to a comfortable degree… Not only is this a huge waste of energy for our central cooling system, but it’s quite dangerous for our pets. They are stuck at household plus have to endure the decreasing heat plus humidity throughout the afternoon. It’s surprising to say, even though I never thought that having so multiple trees around would decrease our quality of living.

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