Amazing hotel heater

If I’m being fair with you, I’m kind of a cheapskate.

  • I easily don’t like to spend my money on anything, especially immaterial things that will never supply me any return on my spending.

That’s why I’m a stickler for eating at home or bringing my own food with instead of paying for expensive restaurants or shitty fast food options. It’s the same reason that I am adamantly against paying a lot of money for hotel rooms or other temporary residing conditions. I would rather go hungry or settle for something subpar than to shell out a ton of currency for a few hours of luxury. This is the exact reason why I’m never the one who will pay a lot of money for a quality hotel. I settle for discount chains, and take the discomfort that they bring. That’s why I was so shocked when the University recently paid for an expensive hotel room on my trip, and I was able to experience the comfort of a king bed, natural lighting, and high quality indoor air control; Personally, I’ve only lived with seasoned fashioned forced air boilers my entire life. I’ve always dealt with the uneven indoor air temperatures and low quality air that traditional heating methods bring, so I knew right away that something was strange when I walked into this swanky hotel and experienced the magic of radiant heated flooring. The air felt so even and toasty warm from all directions, and there was no cold draft or fluctuating indoor air temperature to be found. After two afternoons of staying in this expensive, sanitary, and efficient heating source, I was hastily changing my mind about splurging for high end residing.

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