Roughing it

I am not known amongst my friends for being a super outdoorsy sort of person.

My idea of getting down and dirty is hiking a few trails with my dog, breaking a good sweat, and cooling down with a refreshing cocktail somewhere on a patio afterwards.

I’m certainly not out there plowing my own trails or trying to survive Man vs Wild style. At best, I’m working to manage my own mental health with exercise and nature escapism. That’s why I was a little tentative when they started talking about camping the other week. I was nervous, but I agreed so that I wouldn’t be the stinker in the group. As worried as I felt, apparently someone felt worse. Our friend Steve’s girlfriend was quite a spectacle. I’ll cut right to the chase; she brought heating and cooling devices with on our camping trip. I’m not talking about a little desk fan or a camping heat lamp here, either. I mean that this girl brought a full mini-break ductless HVAC system with, and expected the heating and cooling equipment to be installed in their nylon tent. I don’t even know how she expected the ventilation system to work in those conditions. Apparently just because the system doesn’t require ductwork, she thought the HVAC plan could be stuck anywhere? As soon as they arrived, she had Steve lugging the HVAC machinery across the campground, just so he could demonstrate to her the many ways it wouldn’t work properly without an air intake component located outside the tent. She refused to take his advice, and also refused to try camping without the large temperature control device. About an hour later, she departed in a perfectly air conditioned Uber.

Cooling and heating business