Healthy air with help from the heating & air conditioning

Enjoying clean indoor air was just part of the deal, or so I thought. In my mind, the air was clean because it was inside a clean apartment and not next to a smoke-belching factory. That’s how little I knew about indoor air quality and HVAC systems. That was part of my problem. I really thought the air filter was cleaning the air for us. What else is an air filter for? I found out last year that my ideas about air quality are far off. Heating and cooling systems play a significant role in cleaning indoor air, but not how I thought. The first thing learned was that the air filter I was using with the HVAC was not cleaning the air. The style of air filter I was using was only there to protect the equipment. To have an air filter that cleans the air, I had to buy a HEPA filter. Then I learned just how important indoor air levels are to our health. That, too, was a shock. But clean indoor air is so important to our overall health, our respiratory health and immune systems. I was amazed that I could improve on these things with a small change to the HVAC system. I’m happy to pay more for a HEPA filter that provides indoor air that is good for health.

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After our HVAC professional retired, his replacement was horrible

I never had any complaints with our HVAC company until recently.

Our last HVAC professional who was amazing decided to retire.

We thought his replacement would be just as good since our HVAC company had a fairly decent reputation. Well, the new guy was terrible. First of all, he smoked cigars because you could always smell that heavy tobacco smoke on him. Also, it was easy to smell alcohol on his breath all the time and he was rude and disrespectful. After the first few times he came to work on our HVAC equipment, we ended up complaining about what was going on with this guy. The worst part is that the HVAC company didn’t bother to fire the guy. They said they would provide some sort of disciplinary action, but it seemed they did nothing because they told us he would not give us any more problems the next time he came to work on our HVAC system. There was no way we were going to let that guy in our home again and so we switched to another HVAC company with a better reputation. It’s funny because the guy even asked us about enrolling into an HVAC service plan. He was basically calling us morons for not going for it and we couldn’t stand this guy. Like we were going to let somebody bully us into a contract with somebody we didn’t want to work with. I hope the guys at the next HVAC company are way better or we will have to go seeking yet again for a new HVAC company.

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My kids don’t typically like camping, but they enjoyed the cabin we rented near the theme park

I never really was able to get my kids into camping.

They didn’t like being out in nature with all the mosquitos and the lack of climate control.

Even when I bought a nice portable HVAC unit that worked on a charge with a solar charger, they didn’t think it was anything close to the climate control we had back at home. Finally, when we decided to go to a theme park recently, I decided to book a campground with a cabin that had a climate control system. I appreciated this campground because the cabin was relatively private and there was a fireplace in the back. I got some firewood and decided to cook dinner over the fireplace the first night. We enjoyed some tasty steaks with the perfect seasoning and steak sauce. The cabin was also equipped with a kitchen so my wife prepared some sides as well with some baked rolls. It was a really good dinner and the next day we went to the theme parks. The children had the best time of their life and I was glad because they saw they could have a great time without always having access to good climate control. I mean towards the hottest times of the day, we did go to get some food in an eatery that had good climate control, but then we got back to enjoying the theme park. Afterwards, I decided to just buy some food to eat for dinner and we enjoyed relaxing with the A/C system working in the cabin. We had a wonderful time, but I still wish my children would prefer the camping experience more.

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