Author: Charlotte

Different Types of Heat Pumps

I’m in the process of building a house. Building a house is long and stressful. In the beginning it was fun designing the plans of my house. It was also fun having a good amount of money and being able to spend it on new appliances and furniture. Now I have to watch what I […]

Old HVAC Equipment

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like old things. I don’t like to keep anything that is over two years old. For example I don’t like to keep clothes that are outdated. If they are I’ll give them to Goodwill or friends that like to go thrift shopping. I have to buy everything new […]

A second chance to get it right.

Don’t you just love the Fall weather we have been having? I sure do! I love when I can drag out the sweatshirts, sip coffee on the porch under a blanket in the morning, and head out to watch a football game at the park. I love everything about fall, for the most part. The […]