Van heater

My adult life has been spent in bargain vehicles.

I’ve always owned small sedans that I got for a deal from a geriatric seller or a family friend.

I’ve never worried about car payments or filling up a large gas tank, but I also never had a very reliable travel option. That being said, I can now praise myself for always opting to get the smallest transportation possible after having quite a difficult trip in a “luxury” travel van. You see, my boyfriend was hired to deliver some major equipment to Montreal for his colleague this week, and I decided to go ahead and join in the trip. For the past 4 days I’ve been cruising along, riding shotgun in this massive commercial van supposedly equipped with high tech amenities. However, the one area in which the vehicle is lacking. The heat has been awful. There is plenty of hot air that comes flowing out of the defrost setting, but when it comes to providing warmth to your feet and body, the air temperature is strangely uneven. Since the van is huge, this low quality heat doesn’t do enough to raise the indoor air temperature consistently. One second we’re toasty warm, and two moments later everyone is shivering in their seats. So far we’ve managed to get by with extra blankets, but as we drive further into the northern tundra this air is becoming colder and colder. We’re rapidly running out of layers to put on for extra heat, and there’s no sign of the onboard HVAC system improving. At this point I’m genuinely worried that we aren’t going to make it back home in this freezing cold metal box.


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