Running with a dog

When my son and his new wife went on their honeymoon, I volunteered to take their dog.

Fran is a sixty pound, two-year-old Aredale.

She has a really sweet and happy disposition but is full of energy. I work from home which allows me to give her lots of attention. However, I also need to be productive at my job. She was constantly pawing at me, wanting to play fetch or tug on her rope. I finally decided that I should take her on a run to burn off the excess energy. I keep myself in good physical shape and often go for five-mile runs around the neighborhood. There is a running path in close proximity to my house that extends for 30 miles in either direction. My son regularly takes the dogs on runs, so I knew she was accustomed to the exertion. As soon as I snapped on the leash, the dog began dragging me down the road. I thought she was going to jerk my arm right out of the socket. I had failed to consider that my son is 6 feet tall and in his mid-twenties. I am 5-feet tall and in my mid-fifties. I cannot run at the pace the dog is used to. It was a struggle to slow her down to a comfortable walk. We walked for several miles. When she appeared tired, I gradually increased our speed to a pleasant jog. After that, she was content to run at my desired pace. We ran for another three miles and both enjoyed it very much.


Personal trainer

Working out in the water

The summers in my local area are always sunny, hot and humid.

This year has been especially brutal.

Everyday, by 8 in the morning, the temperature has climbed above eighty degrees. I workout every day for about an hour. I use the lanai constructed on the back of the house as my gym. For most of the year, the screened space is ideal. I enjoy the fresh breeze. The lack of temperature control is a problem during the summer. I get up and workout as early as possible, hoping to avoid the heat of the day. I run a box fan at max speed and stand directly in front of it. I sweat so badly that I sometimes get lightheaded. I need to keep a towel handy and drink lots of water. I am lucky that I have a lake within walking distance of my house. On the days when I just can’t face exercising in such overheated and sticky conditions, I head to the water. The lake water is always a comfortable temperature, and it’s not overly deep. I can choose to remain in the shallow area for water aerobics. I run, kick, skip and do lunges, jumps and high knees. The water keeps me pleasantly cool even though the water adds resistance. Although the movements are slow, they require more exertion from my muscles. I sometimes choose to swim laps across the lake or tread water in the middle for extended periods of time. I enjoy working out in the water so much that my workouts often last several hours.

Cross fit

Some gyms are open all hours of the day and tailor to your work schedule

I started working multiple shifts six months ago. No one else at my company wanted to do it. We’re a large fortune five hundred company, but like many other industries we got hit really hard by COVID. We lost a lot of clients and the first thing my employers decided to do was cut back on the number of employees in the company and the number of hours as well. I felt fortunate to keep my job, so when they asked us if anyone wanted to do overtime hours I was the first to volunteer. Hopefully my commitment to do extra work for my boss will give me more job security as time goes on, but I can’t say for sure just yet. Unfortunately, my hours are always changing from week to week, which means that some days I’m getting up extremely early while other days I’m getting home close to midnight. Thankfully there are enough grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations in my city that are open late. However, we were lacking 24/7 gyms and fitness centers for years until one finally opened near my house last year. They gave out gym membership discounts for six months to generate interest. While they don’t have the membership discounts any longer, they are still offering competitive rates for monthly gym memberships. But it was the ability to work out at any hour of the day or night that pushed me to get a gym membership. Now I can workout my upper body and lower body muscles in the weight room before hitting the treadmills and ellipticals to get my much needed cardio exercise.


Looking for a fitness center that also offers yoga classes

I would love to start exercising regularly so I can keep up on the physical activity.

I had to work a number of different jobs before I discovered my love for HVAC work.

Before being an HVAC technician, I was an auto mechanic. The main reason I went into car repairs is because that’s what my dad did and I learned from a young age how to work on cars and vehicles of all kinds. I was proficient enough to attend trade school during the hours I would have for electives in high school. When I graduated from high school, I already had a job lined up at a big car dealership in my city. But when I got sick of working on cars, I went back to trade school to become an HVAC technician. You’d think that I get enough exercise when I’m at work doing air conditioner and furnace repairs, but I need to start going to the gym so I can do strength training on my arms and legs. I’m hoping that working out regularly will put me in better shape than where I’m at currently. I would love to find a fitness center that also offers yoga classes. Cross fit classes would be fun to take as well, but it’s yoga that I’m the most interested in. Regardless of where I eventually end up, I just hope that the gym’s membership fees aren’t outrageously priced compared to the surrounding competition. There is a big push for fitness centers to offer discounted gym memberships now that they’re reopening to the general public after months or years in COVID lockdowns.


Cross fit