A newborn is coming within the month

I’m so excited! My wife and I have wanted a baby girl and it’s finally happening. Within the month I will be able to see her precious face and hold her. The last 8 months have been grueling at best. We have seen the doctor at least once a month and in the last couple 2 a month. They are constantly checking up to make sure our baby is going to be healthy. Trying to name her was a back and forth trial with my wife. Both of our parents tried to chime in but we shut that down quickly. They wanted to give her a name from the 30’s. I’m not saying they are all bad but the names they were giving us were not really what we would’ve liked. After my long battle with my wife and many foot rubs later we finally chose a name, Autumn Rose Murphy. I believe this is one of the most beautiful names we could’ve given her. The final battle was the middle name though. Some would say why care about the middle name. I don’t know, she wanted it to be Rain and all I can think about is the club I’ll never tell her about. My wife went through cold and hot flashes. One minute she wanted the air conditioning on, then the next to turn the a/c off and open the window. It didn’t stop there though, then she wanted the heater on in 90 degree weather! It was awful for me but if this made her feel comfortable then I’m all for it. A HVAC technician came out as well. Whatever for this woman, I don’t care, I’m just excited to witness a new life named Autumn Rose Murphy!


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Things I have to do before my sons birthday

Next week is my little boy’s birthday.

He turns 5 years old and it’s a big one for sure.

I know a lot of the family is coming to see him. Some family members haven’t seen him in 2 or 3 years. I really don’t expect everyone to come out and see him though. Everyone has their lives and most of them have children much older than mine. Sitting at my work desk feeling my portable space heater keeping my feet warm. I work in the office but their thermostat is not set to a liking for me. So I bring in my own. Some of my coworkers laugh and say my feet stink. I love the heat! I check my digital thermostat at home 3 times a day. Once when I wake up, once when I get home and once before bedtime. That reminds me, I actually have to schedule an HVAC tech to come out and make sure we are golden for the winter. Actually I’m going to call the HVAC company in a few minutes. I don’t want to forget although knowing me I won’t. I’m always on top of things. While I’m at work I’m always bored sitting at my desk asking for more work. I know that doesn’t go over well with my colleagues as they think I do too much and it makes them look bad. It’s not my fault that I’m extremely prepared and don’t lose focus in meaningless conversations. I really don’t care about the hockey and football scores. I came here to work, make money and go home to my family.

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The loud noise from the heat pump startled everyone at the party

My brother had a party at his house last winter.

  • He had been working overseas for several months, and when he returned home.

The party started late in the afternoon. As soon as I got to the house, I was welcome by low-quality indoor comfort. I am an HVAC professional by trade and know more about heating. I could tell that the heating device was not efficient. Since it was a party, I decided to ask my brother about the unit’s state the following day. Something definitely needed to improve in the whole home heating in that house. As I walked past the basement, I heard a rumbling noise, and I immediately recognized it. The previous day, I had done a heat pump installation in a residence where the last unit emitted the same noise. Having worked in the heating industry for several years, I knew some issues did not need negotiation. It is as if you repair the unit as soon as possible or get new heating from a heating dealer. When I was about to tell my brother to schedule heater maintenance for his system, I heard the clicking of a cocktail glass, and he was about to make a speech. He increased the temperature on his phone as he had a smart thermostat and began to talk about his experience abroad and how much he missed his family. Just then, we heard a loud noise. It came from the basement where the heat pump was. Later we realized the bang was from a fuse, but it had not damaged the system. We called on a heating technician from the heating company who helped with indoor comfort. Fortunately, the heating business quickly and efficiently provided a solution. Most importantly, the guests enjoyed the party and having my brother back.

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The heating industry then and now

The heating industry has undergone tremendous transformation and growth over the years.

I did a paper about heater maintenance in college and reading the article now, I can see how much the industry has changed.

I interned at the local heating company in the summer and learned more about heating. When I graduated, I worked in the technician department of another heating business out of state. For instance, customers who need help with indoor comfort can simply book an appointment with heating technicians from an app and have the professionals attend to them. The digitization of most processes has made the industry efficient in providing whole-home heating. When I wrote the paper for my class in college, we had the dial regulators. Nowadays, smart thermostats allow homeowners to control and adjust the temperatures in their homes with a click on their smartphones, even without being in the house. The heating dealers are now trading very advanced equipment compared to what was available a few years back. We have gone from having boilers to heat pumps with air conditioners. These devices allow homeowners the luxury of having one device throughout the year. They are efficient and do not use a lot of energy. I recently had the specialist do a heat pump installation at my residence as my previous system malfunctioned. I only had to log into my account with one of the companies and log in to my issue. The HVAC professionals arrived at my doorstep within a couple of hours with new heating. I still write articles about the industry, and I am proud of the changes it has gone through and the benefits it has to its customers.


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