Two hours of consistent cooling system work

I am going to ground myself at a condo for the next two plus a half hours.

Now there is a word I haven’t heard in a while; grounded.

I still remember my parents saying “you’re grounded”, which was a terrible thing back then. But now if I simply say I am grounded it is a wonderful thing, funny! So anyway, I am grounding myself for the next couple of hours plus not allowing myself to go out in the blistering sun till it backs off a bit plus sinks lower in the sky. It is way too hot out plus air conditioning is spoiling me in the flat, so I will just wait a couple of hours till things cool down outside before allowing myself to go out there again. I know by 5pm the sun is less intense plus I can go out to the beach without risking getting sunburned for the umpteenth time. My heating supplier neighbor told me to stay out of the summer time sun from 10am till 5pm if possible, plus that is what I am going to do while I care about some nice weather conditions in my office plus my flat. My wonderful friend and I are both in a condo right now, my roommate being on one side of the flat while I am in my office on the other side. I like this split plan my associate and I have plus the heating, ventilation plus A/C system that they put in because it gives us space in here while keeping us both comfortable during easily hot afternoons like this. I know I will definitely take a short nap now.



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The various heating service plans are all set up

I am getting down to the wire with my work plus will be changing gears soon plus heading out for the afternoon soon after.

It is a bit after 2pm now plus I want to try and then delay going outside until after 4pm when the sun calms down a bit.

I may bring my umbrella to the beach to keep the sun off of me if I can link it to my beach chair without too much problem. I know I can bungee it to the chair plus have it so the sun stays off my body, which is controlled to the max with the breeze that my associate and I get off of the sea. I know my neighbor is going to come into the city later plus hang out with me, however I am waiting to hear from her to see if she still is going to make it. She works as an actual heating, ventilation plus A/C expert plus is trying to get the afternoon off from her job at the local business, so I am waiting to see if she does. If she comes down my associate and I will stay on the beach till the sun goes down plus then go for our sunset swim like my work associate and I usually do in the summertime. Then my associate and I will come back to the flat for some wonderful air conditioning plus a supper in front of my electric fireplace. My wonderful friend and I will finish the evening with a film about the sea plus then she will head back to the immense neighborhood nearby where she lives. Tomorrow I will be back to work at the central heating, ventilation plus A/C supplier in the city here.

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Hugging my absolute best electric heater

This city is going to start ramping up with tourists starting this week, plus with the weather getting warmer it is surely going to be a stressed summertime season in this small beach town, it will get easily ridiculous here with the heat plus the tourists in June plus July, plus then in September it will abruptly turn back into the sleepy winter time city again plus almost everyone will vanish for the winter.

My wonderful friend and I just started getting the heat a few afternoons ago plus I am still trying to adjust to the heat, which will take me a few weeks. My favorite furnace is going to get a well deserved break as it worked a lot this past winter time keeping us moderate plus it didn’t have any concerns the whole winter time season. My wonderful friend and I will get it maintained before next winter time comes. Hopefully our cool air stays with us this summer time plus my associate and I have no concerns in the flat. The cooling system is pretty new plus my associate and I keep it scrub plus maintained from the local supplier down the road with their once a year service plan. They were coming out twice a year however our system is so scrubbed that they said once a year is fine too. My wonderful friend and I also have a whole condo whole-household air purifier which runs most of the time, plus I know this is why our heating, ventilation plus A/C system is so clean. I know my work associate and I have truly little dust plus pollen floating around in the flat plus this is great for my dust irritations plus my lady’s asthma problem. Life is definitely good.
furnace/heater tune-up

Keeping my cool at the local business this time around

I have about 45 more minutes of work to do plus then I will have some supper with my friendly roommate.

Her plus I have been roommates for a while now plus my associate and I have an easily wonderful setup here.

My wonderful friend and I are both scrub plus quiet plus my associate and I supply each other a lot of space so that my associate and I don’t feel cramped in this flat. It is a pretty wonderful sized flat though, with three home offices plus two bathrooms, along with two balconies, one in the front plus one in the back. She has her own balcony off her home office plus air conditioning at the touch of a button. My wonderful friend and I went without hot water for over a month, however neither of us complained of the frigid showers that my associate and I had to take while waiting for the hot water furnace to arrive in the mail. I had to cancel one order because the thing was taking too long to arrive, so I bought one at a store in the city plus installed the thing on my own. I was surprised I installed the new heating component so suddenly, having it up plus running within two hours of it arriving on my doorstep from the local business. Now my favorite associate and I have hot water plus frigid air this summer time plus all is well in the flat once again. This locale has a wonderful central heating, ventilation plus A/C system plus my associate and I are staying nice plus cool this summer time as the temps start to get up near the 90F mark at the start of the month of May. It will be a hot summer time I bet.

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