Rich house radiant heated floor

I am being honest when I say that I grew up in poverty and have developed a lot of classist beliefs from my early years.

I do not find wealth to be attractive or something to envy; instead I think that it is disgusting and counterproductive to society.

When I meet someone and they reveal a rich family or lack of student debt, I have a tendency to back away quickly. Yes, my opinions are definitely pretty hard-lined. That being said, I recently had one of the most wonderful experiences with a fantastically wealthy man who I met through my work. He invited me over to discuss further business ventures together, and I quickly fell in love with his lifestyle. More specifically, I quickly fell in love with his central heating and cooling system that ran his lifestyle at home. When I first walked into his home, I couldn’t help but notice that the air felt cleaner and more consistent than other places. I normally feel a lot of disturbing drafts and cold air pockets when I walk around in forced air heating and cooling systems, but somehow there was a calm and constant quality to the air in his house unlike anything I’ve felt before. I spent an hour or so playing it cool and pretending that I wasn’t distracted by the high quality heat that surrounded my entire body, but eventually I had to ask how his indoor air felt so amazing. He graciously told me that he recently had his central heating system replaced with radiant heated flooring and shrugged it off like it didn’t matter. Meanwhile, I went home cursing myself for my failures that prevented me from becoming rich enough for radiant heated floors.

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