Old HVAC Equipment

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like old things. I don’t like to keep anything that is over two years old. For example I don’t like to keep clothes that are outdated. If they are I’ll give them to Goodwill or friends that like to go thrift shopping. I have to buy everything new I can’t go to thrift store place it grosses me out. I even update my appliances every three years. This is the year that I will replace my oven and washing machine and dryer. Not to mention I also have to update my HVAC equipment. It’s been about fourteen years since the system has been installed. According to my HVAC provider he tells me to treat my HVAC system like a car. When he came to look at it he said it was time to retire it and replace it. I agreed with him considering the fact there was a lot of repairs that needed to be done. He said it was a good decision because if an HVAC system is between twelve and fifteen years it’s most likely wasting energy. I didn’t want to waste any more energy or money. The technician showed me the dirt that was in the heat exchanger. There wasn’t a lot but he said if the dirt kept building up, there could have been a system breakdown. This is because dirt is the number one factor of system inefficiency. I was ready for the technician to replace my system with an updated one so it would match with all of my other updated appliances.
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