You can’t please everyone

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in the middle of a situation with no way out? That feeling of being pulled in several directions by people with no way to make everyone come away with a victory of some sorts.

This is my current situation. The people involved in my situation are the corporate big wigs at our company and the rest of the employees. I work in human resources and part of my job is handling the negotiations between the two levels. Trying to make sure that decisions that upper management make work with the people that they will be affecting without upsetting the balance of the business. The last meeting I attended brought about some changes that are going to be difficult to sugar coat for the rest of the staff. Due to budget constraints they have decided to change the work week schedule to include longer hours. Now this means that people will be put on a four day rotating schedule and be required to work ten hour days. Their days off will fluctuate and many won’t be happy with that. By doing this the company will be able to use less power because those departments that are off will not need to use lights, computers, or the HVAC system as much during the days off. Having full departments and the space they use shut down for three full days will really save on energy bills. Convincing everyone that this is good for them too will be the tough sell. When the company is used to the whole 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, they are used to making personal plans around that schedule too. I think I will have to be very creative in my presentation to sell this one.