She put one mini split unit in her home.

My cousin called me last week, and she was excited.

She wanted to tell me she bought a new home and she couldn’t wait until I came to visit. She had a mini split HVAC system installed, and it heated and cooled the entire house. I was sure she was using improper grammar, because she made it sound like one mini split unit was enough for the entire house. I was sure she meant there was one unit outside, and several inside. I knew how well mini split HVAC systems worked. I worked in an HVAC company and they were great. I had considered purchasing a ductless HVAC system for my home. The only reason I hadn’t bought a ductless HVAC system was because it was too expensive for me. I made good money at the HVAC company, but I wanted to pay cash for it. I had to save some money, and that wasn’t easy for me. I was curious about my cousin’s new house, and I jumped at the chance to visit when she called. When she gave me the address, it was a small camping community. I got to the address, and all I saw was some campers and a tiny home. I looked at the tiny home and saw fake flowers on the porch, and knew it had to be her home. There was definitely only one mini split unit for this small house. I was sure the inside would heighten my feeling of claustrophobia, once the two of us were there, but I was wrong. The mini split heated the home well, without being cloying, and I was sure that when summer arrived, the mini split would be just as comfortable.


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My sister wanted to move in with me..

My sister and her husband split up for the sixth time last week.

The first thing she did was call and ask if she could move in with me.

I loved my sister, but I had enough living with her when we were home with our parents. She was a thermostat hog. She was constantly turning up the thermostat because she would cold, and then she would walk around in shorts and a skimpy tank top. I liked it cooler. I would rather wear a few more clothes than strip down to almost nothing. Before calling her back, I called my parents and asked if they could take her in. Mom and dad knew what she was like when we lived at home. Mom said I should be a good sister, and let her come to my house. She was sure she would only be there a short time. If I was worried about her using the thermostat and upping the temperature, I could always buy a lock box and put it over the thermostat. I told her thanks and hoped my sister changed her mind and wanted to come to their house. Their HVAC system was newer than mine, and more energy efficient. Mom chuckled, and I heard dad yell he loved me. I hung up on them. I shouldn’t have worried so much about my sister. True to mom’s prediction, my sister didn’t even make it out of her home before she was calling to tell me she and her husband weren’t breaking up. I breathed a sigh of relief that my HVAC system was safe, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I got another phone call.
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Radiant heated flooring became the bane of my existence.

When we bought our home, I was drawn to the radiant heated flooring.

I had often thought about having it installed in our old home, but it wasn’t just expensive, but we didn’t have the floor space for the hot water pipes. When we saw this house, I couldn’t resist buying it.

My husband wanted to look at a few more houses, but I insisted. I knew what I wanted, and this house had it. There was radiant heated flooring throughout the house. It took less than six months before I realized that radiant heated flooring wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Not only were the floors heated, but so was every surface in the house. Anything that touched the flooring was heated. The kitchen was the worst of all. The floors were heated, and that heat went up through the counter and heated my countertops; which happened to be marble. Marble countertops were supposed to stay cool to make for easier dough rolling. The dough would stay cooler and make for a better pie crust or bread. I did a lot of baking for the school, church, and for special occasions. I didn’t want my marble countertops heated. I asked my husband if there was someway we could turn off the heat in the kitchen and in the bedroom. He said he was wondering how long it was going to take before I tired of the heating system. It took less than an hour for him to call the HVAC company and make an appointment for them to turn off the heating in the kitchen and bedroom.


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Today is Cold and the Beaches are Pretty Barren of all the Tourists

We are in the slow time of the year in my town and a lot of the beaches are very empty now.

We used to have packed beaches a few months ago, but all of those people went back to their worlds for the winter once again.

I wish we had more volleyball during the winter but it seems that nobody wants to be out when it is this cold. Today I will do some HVAC equipment writing work for a few hours and then go out and see if I can drum up a game or two. I don’t know what everyone does when they don’t play volleyball during the day. We went from air conditioning to heating in a matter of a couple of weeks here. We used to be on the beach in the summer playing ball up until about 10:30pm, but now it is dark and cold by 5:30pm and it has been tough to adjust to it. I am trying to run my radiant space heater instead of my central heating device to save a little money. I have to really watch the energy usage as I am going home for the holidays and will need some spending money. I guess I could work for this new contractor some while home to earn a bit of cash, but I don’t know if his local business is even open during the holidays. I guess it will all be okay but I just feel kind of stressed out with the bills and all. Breathe in and breathe out, and relax.

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