I didn’t call for service

Growing up, I never had to learn how to do anything.

My thrifty dad took care of the house, including the repairs.

I wasn’t responsible for anything in life until I left home and started to learn what being a “real adult” was like; To be honest, I wish that I had learned a lot sooner how to do things, and the right mindset to have when it comes to caring for your belongings. This is one of the reasons why I’m sitting here, frigidly cold, completely unable to manage my home’s air temperature. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had an HVAC before. It had a full thermostat, forced air oil furnace, and central cooling component at this house, but I never learned a single thing about it. I never knew I had to! Instead, I knew touching the thermostat would change the indoor air temperature, and the rest of the system just worked itself out. Now, as a grown-up, I know systems require regular maintenance. I found this out way too late, when my HVAC broke down. Instead of my parents teaching me about HVAC management, I had to learn about it from the specialist who diagnosed my system and called it “toast.” I sure wish I had known better before getting into this chilly situation.



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Life is too complicated

When I was younger, I had everything figured out, or so I thought.

I went to a good college and married a great wife.

From that day, I figured I was living a success story. We had a few kids and I continued to climb the corporate ladder each day at work. My wife took care of our lovely home. I took care of the finances. Then, my wife decided she wanted a divorce. Everything ended one day. I was left alone in our costly home with an expensive HVAC system, and no one to share it with. The temperature control only worked for me, our large furnace ran each day according to my demands, and the air conditioner was wastefully pumping chilly air into a vacant home most of the time. During all of this, I completely lost track of my air quality control duties, because my wife had always been responsible for the service appointments. I didn’t even know whom to call on the morning I woke up to find the temperature control was completely busted. I searched online, and started dialing random numbers, but all of the HVAC providers were in distant cities. It seemed I was never going to be able to get my heating plan fixed! I decided, at that moment, I needed someone to handle the HVAC for me. Life was too complicated on my own. I got online and found a good HVAC company. Hastily, I signed up for a professional service schedule. Now, the technicians manage my HVAC for me. I never have to worry about repairs, and it’s a lot cheaper than a bad divorce!

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I didn’t take care of the air ducts

In this world today, life is harder than it should be. Didn’t we used to think that robots were going to take over the jobs people didn’t want to complete anymore, at some point? Where are our robot slaves to take some of the pressure off our lives? I’m certainly growing tired of trying to act like a human being, without the help of automated systems to make things better. This is one of the reasons I’m a firm believer air ducts should no longer exist – or they need to be cleaned and tested automatically as part of the HVAC system. I know, this sounds like a space age idea, but let me tell you what happens when you’re too busy for maintenance appointments, and you have expansive air ducts cobbled through your home – you get a huge mess! I l earned this the hard way when I let my system run wild. I never worried about the air conditioner or the forced-air furnace, and I certainly never considered the fact that air ducts are responsible for their full functionality – until it was too late. When I couldn’t stop my energy-efficient HVAC system from wasting all my money on high bills each month, and the temperatures were uneven in my home, I finally called a professional. They told me that my air ducts were filled with holes, and all the treated air was escaping out of the air channels. They were filled to the brim with dust and nasty debri! He was shocked that my heating and cooling worked at all. Now, I’m finally working on inventing the world’s first air duct roomba, to save everyone else from the struggle I endured.

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A home gym with HVAC comfort is more my style

When I was a young guy, I started to go to the gym.

This was more to make sure that I was packing on all that muscle that I was sure would lead to me finding the girl of my dreams.

However, I realized over time that this really wasn’t the way to a lovely lady’s heart. But I still kept going to the gym as it became better for my health than hanging out in the air conditioning of a bar drinking beer. That said, I have to admit that it always took a bit of motivating to get me up out of the recliner and the HVAC cooling to get to the gym. So when the pandemic happened, I was sort of relieved to let my gym membership lapse. But that didn’t mean that I was through with exercising or fitness. As a family, we tried to get outside of the air conditioning of our home each day during the pandemic. It was good to get fresh air and a bit of exercise. However, my wife and I were wanting a new chapter in our fitness regimen. So we built a home gym in the basement. The basement has very little heating and cooling ventilation. That meant that there was a call to the HVAC company to remedy that situation. If we were going to have a home gym, it certainly was going to have proper HVAC comfort. The HVAC technician installed a ductless mini split down there and man, is it ever the best piece of heating and cooling equipment. Now, we workout at home and we do so with quality heating and air as well.

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